About this site

This website was created to provide a brief introduction to John Vincent Atanasoff and his invention of the electronic digital computer - highlighting his conceptual breakthrough which came to him late one evening in the winter
of 1937-38.

This site also focuses on Breakthrough Square in the Downtown Rock Island Arts & Entertainment District, which commemorates Atanasoff's conceptualization of the electronic digital computer.

Acknowledgements -

The site's information came primary from two sources:
Atanasoff, Forgotten Father of the Computer, by Clark R. Mollenhoff, 1988.
The John Vincent Atanasoff Archive on the Iowa State University website

I gathered additional information from email correspondences and my visits to
the Special Collections Department at the Iowa State University Library,
Moline City Hall and public libraries in Rock Island, Moline and Davenport.

The text for the Tech Innovations page was written by Shawn Beattie.
Otherwise, the site's design and content was created or collected by myself.

If you have any questions, please contact me at bwalters1@mchsi.com.

- Bruce Walters




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